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Last month, Pokemon Go developer Niantic announced it would be bringing three Legendary Pokemon back to the game for a limited time. The second of the three, Kyogre, is now available, but if you’ve yet to catch it, your time to do so is quickly running out; the Legendary is set to leave the game again this Thursday, June 27.

As before, Kyogre can be found in five-star Raids, meaning you’ll first need to team up with other players in-person and battle the Pokemon before you can earn a chance to capture it. Even if you already have Kyogre in your collection, you’ll want to check out Raids while the Legendary is available, as you’ll also have a chance of encountering a Shiny Kyogre.

Immediately following Kyogre’s departure later this week, its counterpart from Pokemon Ruby, Groudon, will make an encore appearance in Raids until July 10. As is the case with Kyogre, you’ll have a chance of coming across a Shiny Groudon when the Legendary returns to the game. You can read more details on the official Pokemon Go website.

Even if you miss your chance to catch Kyogre this week, you’ll soon have another opportunity to add the Legendary to your collection. Both Kyogre and Groudon will be two of the possible Legendary Pokemon you can encounter as part of July’s new Field Research tasks. You’ll also be able to catch a Spinda featuring a new spot pattern through July’s Field Research, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to find a Shiny version.

Groudon isn’t the only Legendary set to return this week, either. As a reward for completing enough Global Challenges during the recent Pokemon Go Fest event in Chicago, Niantic is holding a special Raikou Raid Day this Saturday, June 29. The Legendary dog will reappear in Raid Battles from 4-7 PM local time, and you’ll have a chance to encounter a Shiny Raikou during those hours.

In other news, Niantic’s new Harry Potter game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is now live in the US and UK. While the premise of both games is very similar, Wizards Unite also differs from Pokemon Go in a few notable ways. Be sure to check out our full Harry Potter: Wizards Unite coverage for more about the game, as well as tips and guides for Wizarding Challenges, Professions, and other elements.

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