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We’ve got another list of tips for any of you who’ve decided to pick up Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This time around, we’re diving into tips that mostly apply to mid- and late-game gameplay for Three Houses, so expect some minor spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

In the above video, Kallie Plagge walks through some of the best practices to get acquainted with, habits to learn, and tips to follow for those who want to get the best possible outcome in the many quests scattered throughout the second half of Three Houses. You don’t need to follow these tips to beat Three Houses, but they should help you out if you’re feeling stuck.

One thing you definitely don’t need to worry about in Three Houses’ second half is romance, a feature that isn’t really present in the new Fire Emblem game at all. In the first episode of GameSpot’s new podcast, After Dark, Kallie sits down with Jake Dekker, Lucy James, and Jean-Luc Seipke to dive further into the topic. You should give it a listen if you haven’t already.

In GameSpot’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses review, Kallie Plagge writes, “Fire Emblem: Three Houses asks a lot of you. Every piece, from battle to friendships to training your units, must be managed both individually and as part of a whole. It can be intimidating, but when it all clicks together, it really clicks. Mastering the art of thoughtful lesson planning as a professor improves your performance on the battlefield, where success relies on calculated teamwork and deft execution. Cultivating relationships during battle in turn draws you closer to each of the characters, who you then want to invest even more time into in the classroom. Every piece feeds into the next in a rewarding, engrossing loop where you get lost in the whole experience, not just in the minutiae.”

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